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The John Anderson Room, named after the man who built the inn in 1794, offers a spacious and elegant respite for two featuring a king size bed.

Price: $165.00-$175.00 (Double Occupancy)

The Miss Mary Espy Room, named after the wife of Dr. John Anderson, provides a comfortable retreat with picturesque views of downtown Bedford and a queen sized bed.

Price: $125.00-$135.00 (Double Occupancy)

The Oralee, named after the woman who completely renovated the inn during the early nineties, offers our guests a quiet refuge featuring a queen size bed to enjoy the fireplace and antique furnishings.

Price: $155.00-$165.00 (Double Occupancy)

The Juliana, named after the daughter-in-law of William Penn, offers our guests a serene sanctuary featuring a king size bed.

Price: $120.00-$130.00 (Double Occupancy)

The Penn Family Suite (named after William Penn’s children who also gave their names to the streets of Bedford) is perfect for families with its two seperate ful size beds!

Price: $125.00-$135.00 (Double Occupancy)

This small third floor retreat is a perfect hide-a-way for an individual or couple featuring a full sized bed.

Price: $105.00-$115.00 (Double Occupancy)

The Thaddeus offers our guests a great living space.  Pocket doors divide the room into two and allow for separate sleeping quarters.

Price: $115.00-$125.00 (Double Occupancy)

The Addison offers guests a generous space, covered in hard wood floors and filled with a luxurious king sized bed and antique furnishings.

Price: $125.00-$135.00 (Double Occupancy)

The Farmer’s Room is located off the sun porch in the rear of the building (so that the farmers could keep a better eye on their livestock that was kept in the backyard of the building) and features a private bathroom with shower and a king sized bed.

Price: $125.00-$135.00 (Double Occupancy)

Entered from the outside, the Juniata is a perfect retreat featuring both a comfy king sized bed and a relaxing day bed.  

Price: $125.00-$135.00 (Double Occupancy)

This generously sized room in the back of the inn allows our guests to enter though a separate outside entrance.  The comfortable couch offers weary travelers room to spread out during their stay at the Golden Eagle Inn, while a king-sized bed allows ample room for a comfortable night's sleep.